Trail NameTrail SystemStatus
Lakeview 1Lakeviewopen
Lakeview TooLakeviewopen
Lakeview IIILakeviewopen
Box TurtleMorganopen
Little WVMorganopen
Morel RavineMorganopen
Tall OaksMorganopen
Bell UphillSwift Creekopen
Bell DHSwift Creekopen
BellberrySwift Creekopen
Blue Jay WaySwift Creekopen
Blueberry Hill UphillSwift Creekopen
Blueberry Hill DHSwift Creekopen
CorkscrewSwift Creekopen
Freight LineSwift Creekopen
Gateway 1Swift Creekopen
Gateway 2Swift Creekopen
JT TrailSwift Creekopen
Lost SpringSwift Creekopen
MillstoneSwift Creekopen
Moonshine RunSwift Creekopen
SunsetterSwift Creekopen
ZeroSwift Creekopen
Trail conditions are based on available regional weather data as a service to help riders decide whether to head for the trails. After periods of snow or heavy rain, local trail conditions may not match the most recent weather data. Please don't ride muddy trails. Mountain biking is an inherently hazardous activity and individual trails may include muddy or slippery sections or other difficult obstacles at any time.